Typographic Calendar

Responsiblities: Design

Project Overview

Many modern day calendars are designed with a relatively similar look, with the only variation being the photography used. Although changing photographs can change the feel of a calendar, the basic structure stays the same. The main theme of this calendar was to showcase the greatest authors of all time. I was inspired by this idea when I explored how typography and writing go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other.

Many of the authors I chose wrote a lot about time and I included many of these quotes throughout the layout. I decided to use the Bembo typeface because of its classical beauty and formal tradition. The extremely large typography serves as the focal point. By the end of the year, I wanted the viewer to have not only a new appreciation for typography, but also of time itself.

Project Specs

  • Date: November 2010
  • Company: San Diego State University
  • Skills/Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • Website: art.sdsu.edu
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