Milkman Dairy Co

Responsiblities: Design

Project Overview

Although dairy products are sold widely in grocery stores, many existing brands lack a connection to a basic humanistic element. The big brands that consumers see on the shelf do just fine in providing average processed dairy, but I realized the need for a brand that provides something healthier and more defined in the dairy sector. Milkman Dairy Co. was the brand created to redefine the industry.

The design expresses a warm, family oriented feeling through the use of black and white photography. This will designates the company’s friendly identity, with the customer’s health as the main concern. It is about the people, not futuristic graphics. Simple iconic symbols and color changes help to differentiate this dairy company and push the competition aside.

Project Specs

  • Date: May 2011
  • Company: San Diego State University
  • Skills/Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • Website:
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