Indicate iOS App

Responsiblities: Design UI-UX

Project Overview

Indicate is an iOS App designed for people to make motivate the world to fix consumer issues. Users can accomplish this by leaving feedback on a page in the app. A page is can be created for anything. For example, you can have a page for a tech company, a branch in our political system, or even a particular person. They will then be accessed a score. A higher score if they listen to the consumer and fix an issue. A lower score if they do not listen.

I was first approached at a tradeshow to see if I was interested in doing a freelance consultation job. I started with the Indicate logotype, which really reflected the idea of movement. I then moved on with color coordinating categories. This allows the colors to serve a utility. To set a friendly tone, I assigned them icons. This allows the user to make instant connections to things they see everyday. A large component of the project revolved around design inspiration sources. By finding inspiration, I was able to borrow interesting and unique iOS menu animations and layouts. Collectively, this led to an empowered design.

Project Specs

  • Date: June 2012
  • Company: Aspire Media, Inc.
  • Skills/Tools: Axure, Adobe Photoshop
  • Website:
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