Endure Survival Kit

Responsiblities: Design

Project Overview

A breathtaking product that encompasses all my creative skills, from logo creation, company identity, and packaging design. Over the last few years, the state of our economy has completely changed the public’s perception of our government, and this was my inspiration for a packaging design project. If a catastrophic event occurred, such as an earthquake, tornado, or flood, people would be less likely to turn to their government, and humans would have to resort to the basic necessities of life.

This is why the Endure Disaster Kit demonstrates the perfect example of a cohesive iconic system. It focuses on providing the consumer with the four classic elements: earth (a hunting knife to eat), wind (a blanket to stay warm), water (purification pills to adapt to dirty water), and fire (a bar of flint to strike a knife). Even the smallest aspects of the project were carefully thought out.

Project Specs

  • Date: April 2011
  • Company: San Diego State University
  • Skills/Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • Website: art.sdsu.edu
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